Car Owners

There is hail damage on your automobile?

We are going to help you!


  • exactly calculated cost forecasts
  • disassebling/assembling
  • replacement of spare parts
  • seamless removal of dents
  • quality check in the light tunnel
  • warrant

We turn rhetoric into action. After hail damage occurs on your automobile we have one goal for you:
Don´t worry about it!

We will take care and handle all of your needs. We will get in touch with the corresponding insurer, schedule the maintenance as soon as possible, and provide a replacement vehicle if desired.
After the maintenance you will receive a written guarantee. PDR Solutions Group provides all means associated with hail damage repairs, from one single source!

Our technicians rank amongst the best in the world and are undertaking frequent advanced trainings. Therefore, they are mastering their discipline flawlessly and have no rivals when it comes to quality and perfection.

Your car is important to us – guaranteed!5-Jahre-auf-Platten-120px